The University of Wolverhampton

The Students’ Union

TheStudents Union Logo University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union is an independent charity that is run by students for students.

We offer opportunities to get involved in social and sporting activities, we provide advice and support for you on all matters affecting you as a student, and we develop your skills to increase your chances of success in the job market.

So whether you want to join a club or society, put on an event, campaign for students’ rights, access professional advice, or simply find a place to chill in a comfy and safe environment – come to the Union, it’s your home away from home and we want you to get the most out of your time as a student.

Student Union officers Representing students 

The Union is run by an Executive Committee of students who are elected to represent you during your time at university.

If you have an issue that’s affecting you, the Executive will help you to resolve it.


Advice and Support Centre (ASC)

The Union’s Advice and Support Centre supports all students independently of the University. We offer specialist advice on finance, housing, academic and international students’ issues.

Book an appointment to see a friendly adviser and we’ll do our best to help you to resolve your queries.


Societies are a great way for you to make the most of your spare time while at University. They are run by students, for students and hold meetings, day trips, activities and social events for you to get involved with.

They are a great way for you to meet people who share the same interests or a chance to try something new. There are over 60 societies including groups based on hobbies, pastimes, religions, faiths, sports, causes and politics.


For an affordable annual fee you can join a sports club and benefit from membership to a whole range of recreational and competitive sports.

Whether you are looking to compete and represent your university or just have some fun, keep fit and meet new people, our sports provision has something for every student regardless of age and ability - so come along and get involved!


The Union offers many opportunities for students to get involved in volunteering within the University and the wider community.

You can register all of your volunteer hours which are converted at the end of the year into a certificate – excellent evidence of extra-curricular development that you can show to employers.


We are committed to the welfare and safety of all our students. Throughout the academic year, various campaigns are run by the Executive team to raise awareness of issues and encourage students to look after their health, safety and welfare whilst they’re at university.

We are here to campaign for the changes you want to see – come and join us!

The Activities Centre

The Union’s Activities Centre on City Campus is a smart, hi-tech area with PC access, free wireless connectivity for laptops and mobile phones, and a social learning space. This is also where we offer a service for binding assignments and where you can book our state-of-the-art new training and meeting rooms.

Your Executive Officers are also based in this area, so pop by to say hello.

Coffee Lounge and Juice Bar

Our coffee lounge located just off the main corridor in the MD building on City Campus is a welcoming environment for you to come to in between lectures. Its comfortable seating area means you can take it easy, read a book, or simply chat with friends over a cup of Fairtrade coffee whilst listening to some of your favourite music.

The new Squeezebox juice bar located in our new space in the WS building at Walsall Campus has all this and more! This fantastic contemporary social space is the place to go if you’re after PC access or if you want an alternative place to unwind. You can also enjoy fresh fruit smoothies and hot drinks made from ethically sourced products, as well as healthy snacks and local produce.


As well as helping you to organise your own events, we also link up with bars and clubs in the local area to make sure you have access to the safest and cheapest student nights out.

NUS Extra

The NUS Extra Card is the all-year official discount and benefit card exclusive to students. You can register for a NUS Extra card by either visiting the Students’ Union on City or Walsall Campus, or by visiting the official website