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Policies and Regulations

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Academic RegulationsFile Type/Size

Undergraduate, Foundation, Taught Postgraduate and Professional Doctorate Regulations- see also:

Undergraduate student guide for important information for new students

University assessment handbook (PDF 906K, Downloads file) 

Postgraduate student guide for important information for new students



PDF (905k)

Research regulations (inc Research good practice and Research degree regulations) 

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) guidelines PDF (174k)
Admissions policy (PDF 59K, Downloads file)  

Code of Practice for the University of Wolverhampton Students' Union (links to page) or download policy as PDF (PDF 45K, Downloads file)

PDF (46k)

Degrees, diplomas and certificates - bye law 5 (PDF 44K, Downloads file)

PDF (45k)

Ethical Principles (PDF 67K, Downloads file)

Handbook for Ethical Approval and Practice Procedures (PDF 577K, Downloads file)

PDF (67k) 

PDF (578k)

Examinations: Instructions to Invigilators    (PDF 63K, Downloads file)

PDF (233k) 

Examination regulations for students (PDF 82K, Downloads file)

PDF (83k)

Personal tutors policy (link)


Policy on tackling academic misconduct

PDF (109k)

Regulations and procedure for academic appeals (PDF 286K, Downloads file)

also available as a word document


Word (98k)

Regulations and procedure for the investigation of academic misconduct (PDF 139K, Downloads file)

Representation of student concerns (PDF 16K, Downloads file) - bye law 2 PDF (86k)
Student registration and the provision of educational and other services by the University (PDF 19K, Downloads file) - bye law 4 PDF (86k)

Students' Union membership and conditions

PDF (30k)
Students with disabilities - links to the Student Enabling Centre  
University Examinations (PDF 100K, Downloads file) ‐ Guidelines for staff PDF (104K)


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Corporate Compliance 

University Logo and Brand Guidelines

PDF (1.57Mb)

Advice on providing references for students (PDF 41K, Downloads file)

PDF (42k)

Anti-bribery policy (PDF 56K, Downloads file) and hospitality and gifts declaration form

PDF (58k)

Word (26k)

Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF 53K, Downloads file)

PDF (54k)

Conflict of Interest Form

Word (37k)

Copyright (PDF 25K, Downloads file)

PDF (26k)

Corporate Fundraising Policy (PDF 50K, Downloads file)

PDF (51k)

CRB: Handling of CRB Certificate Information (PDF 28K, Downloads file)

PDF (29k)

CRB: Staff protocol for handling student CRB disclosures and information  (PDF 27K, Downloads file)

PDF (28k)

Data Protection Policy (PDF 35K, Downloads file)

PDF (31k)

Data Protection Subject Access Request (link) 


Data Protection: Subject access request form (link)


Privacy and data protection explained


Guidance for dealing with the death of a member of the University community (PDF 121K, Downloads file)

PDF (122k)

Declaration of Interests Policy (PDF 57K, Downloads file)

PDF (58k)

Delegation Schedule (PDF 170K, Downloads file) 

PDF (170k)

Document retention schedule  (PDF 123K, Downloads file)

PDF (124k) 

Freedom of Information (FOI) request procedure (forwards to Freedom of Information pages) - provides guidance on Freedom of Information requests and processes


FOI request form


Freedom of Information Complaints (link)


Advice of the Information Commissioner on the disclosure of Research Data under Freedom of Information 

PDF (282k)

FOI charges

PDF (40k)

Fraud Policy and Response Plan (PDF 52K, Downloads file)

PDF (53k)

Freedom of speech (PDF 41K, Downloads file) - for more information on Freedom of Speech please see the FOS page here

PDF (42k)

Finance Regulations (PDF 35K, Downloads file)

PDF (42k)
Intellectual Property policy and procedures (PDF 395K, Downloads file) PDF (396k)

Incident reporting (PDF 25K, Downloads file) 

PDF (26k)

Public interest disclosure policy statement (Whistleblowers) (PDF 36K, Downloads file)

PDF (37k)

Safeguarding Policy (PDF 99K, Downloads file)

PDF (100k)

Taking images and recordings on University property and at University events (PDF 26K, Downloads file)

PDF (33k)


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Individual Conduct


Complaints procedure (PDF 175K, Downloads file)




PDF (176k)

Word (109k)

Word (120k)

Word (98k)


Conduct towards others

PDF (86k)

Extensions - Guidelines for students (PDF 124K, Downloads file) 

PDF (272k)

Extenuating Circumstances – Guidance for students (PDF 66K, Downloads file)

PDF (72k)

Word (121k)
Leave of Absence Guidelines (PDF 518K, Downloads file) PDF (520k)

Student conduct (PDF 17K, Downloads file) - bye law 3

PDF (86k)

Student disciplinary procedure (PDF 53K, Downloads file)

Word (106k)

Unfair discrimination, harrassment and bullying



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Use of Facilities


Acceptable use of IT facilities (PDF 299K, Downloads file) (opens in new window)

PDF (63k)

Accident investigation guidance & Accident report form  - see Health & Safety pages


CCTV guidance (PDF 34K, Downloads file)

PDF (35k)

Closure of the University or a Campus in abnormal circumstances 

PDF (70k)

Conditions of residence (PDF 258K, Downloads file)  and

2013/14 conditions of residence (PDF 144K, Downloads file)

PDF (259k)

PDF (145k)

Cookies policy - links to University cookies page


Ethical Investments policy (PDF 106K, Downloads file) 

PDF (107k)  

Policy on using University IT resources

PDF (57k)

Exclusion of liability for personal property (PDF 22K, Downloads file)

PDF (23k)

Fairtrade policy (opens in new window)

PDF (60k)

Identity cards (policy is being updated)

Electronic Information Security policy - see also personal responsibilities for electronic information security PDF (124k)

Learning Centre use (PDF 196K, Downloads file)

PDF (197k)

Premises Licence Policy and Procedure (PDF 470K, Downloads file) 

PDF (471k)


objectives and targets (PDF 107K, Downloads file) 

PDF (177k)

PDF (107k) 


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Equal Opportunities and Human Resources

Disability Equality Scheme  

Equal Opportunities web pages


Equal Opportunities policy (PDF - 93k)

PDF (93k)

Race equality policy (on old site)

Human Resources policies  


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Health and Safety 

Health and Safety web pages



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Tuition Fees 
Tuition, registration and residential course fees 2012/13 - new students (PDF - 352 k - opens in new window) PDF (352k)
Tuition, registration and residential course fees 2012/13 - continuing students (PDF - 322 k - opens in new window) PDF (322k)


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University Bye-laws

Bye Law 1: Appointments and Elections to Membership of the Academic Board (PDF 32K, Downloads file)

Bye-law no. 2: Representation of student concerns (PDF 18K, Downloads file)

Bye-law no. 3: Student Conduct (PDF 17K, Downloads file) 

Bye-Law No. 4: Registration of Students (PDF 32K, Downloads file)Student registration and the provision of educational and other services by the University (PDF 21K, Downloads file)

Bye Law 5: Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates (PDF 57K, Downloads file)Degrees, diplomas and certificates (PDF 44K, Downloads file)

Bye-law no. 6: Exams and other assessments (PDF 19K, Downloads file)


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Staff-Only Documents 

Confidential waste removal (PDF 26K, Downloads file)


Facilities Service Desk (FACTS) (PDF 24K, Downloads file)



Word (55k)

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Collection request

Word (47k)
Disclaimers  Word (27k)



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